Welcome to the Swissedu website!

Who I am
My name is Helena and I love making learning English a fun and exciting experience! 

​I had been teaching English as a Second Language to young children, teenagers, and adults from 2012 to 2019 for a private company in Cyprus. After that, I moved to Winterthur, Switzerland. Switzerland’s highly effective educational system inspired me and helped me discover innovative and student-centered teaching approaches. I was amazed at how everything is based on respect to each learner individually and their learning abilities. I then decided to specialize in adult education in Switzerland, obtaining the Swiss license for adult education called SVEB (Schweizerischen Verband für Weiterbildung) as well as the internationally-acknowledged certification CELTA from Cambridge.

Why Swissedu?
 I am convinced that you are looking for something more fun and engaging! If you are looking for the following, join Swissedu:

-You want to speak more English and participate in its exciting online events.

-You want to become a member of a multicultural community that uses English as a means of communication.

-You like to learn from the comfort of your own home, without wasting more energy and time.

How effective are Swissedu courses?
 The development of your English language skills depends directly on your participation and commitment. However, we will provide you with a system that will help you have a better contact with what you learn over time. The combination of online lessons with conversation meetings will undoubtedly strengthen your learning process. Don’t forget: It is essential that you stay focused on the goals you’ve set for yourself. For this reason, you can have a free monthly meeting about your progress (coaching) upon request.